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A New Spark in Pottsville, Jack

By Aleksandra Kolesnikova, Fellow of Communications

Jack Cossa has been a remarkable student at Alvernia University and has achieved an amazing opportunity through the O’Pake Institute. He joined the O’Pake Institute in 2022. There, he became a fellow of finance and marketing and found his true passion in finance. Cossa graduated in the year 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. While pursuing his undergraduate degree at Alvernia University, he decided to go for his master’s in business administration. After contacting Executive Director of Student and Client Services Michelle Conway and getting an interview, he received his graduate assistant role as the Project Manager of Community Base Campuses. This role sparked a new journey for his career and awarded him the opportunity to experience a different community.

New Role
His new role started in the summer of 2023. This role consists of going to Pottsville once a week and managing the workplace and businesses starting in that community. He checks over all the clients involved in different Pottsville companies and ensures that the area continues to have a positive impact.
When asked about the community in Pottsville, Cossa says, “Everyone in the community is so nice and kind, and an overall great environment, there is a lot of possibilities to blossom in such a nice community.”

Event Coming Up
Cossa invites Alvernia students, staff, faculty, and the Berks County community to BoostMyBiz Pottsville Happy Hour on October 5th from 5-7 PM. The event will have different segments on elevating your business, empowering networking, and putting your best foot forward when starting your small or big business. We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Ignite Schuylkill in this endeavor.

The O’Pake Institute will be launching a business series throughout the Fall of 2023 and Spring of 2024 for small businesses and entrepreneurs to help elevate their businesses and reach their fullest potential within their organization. They can expect structured segments on every aspect of their business with guest speakers, interactive activities, and great overall business enhancement, as well as development if they are looking to start their own. We will also be customizing a business series for business owners who have identified specific needs for their organization. We will be able to present on specific topics or have a guest speaker come in and speak on a topic to make it enjoyable and interactive. We will also bring in businesses that have worked with the O’Pake Institute from ground zero and are now fully operational to join in on round table discussions for the group.

Everyone is welcome to join, as the idea is that the more business owners, the better, as other business owners will be able to bounce ideas and thoughts off each other to make it cooperative and maximize the potential of everyone’s business. It is meant to have a positive impact on everyone within the local community to try and bring everyone together to keep the great business and economic development stronger than ever!

What the Future Awaits
Cossa has grown up in a family that has been in sales jobs for most of their lives. He says that this career path has been a calling since he was a child. After he graduates in May 2024, he will continue to be in a sales role, selling products or services to customers and representing the brand he chooses to be in. This future career will include asking questions to pinpoint the best offerings, giving presentations, and maintaining customer relationships. With his amazing opportunity with O’Pake, Jack Cossa will continue to be successful, and we cannot wait to see him flourish and accomplish his dreams.

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