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A Passing Rain Shower

By: Michelle Lehman, Director of Student & Client Services 

Change is uncomfortable. One of my mentors once told me that change is not possible in your comfort zone-it is the moment that you step outside your own boundaries when real transformation occurs.  

I like to compare the change process to a passing rain shower. The change process isn’t forecasted but it just seems to happen unexpectedly. Just like drops of rain come and go, so do the moments that start to intentionally change you. For me, change could be as simple as accepting a new challenge, conversing with a stranger, changing a routine, or just letting go.  

With each drop or moment of uncomfortableness, the change does not feel significant, but as the moments accumulate something special occurs. There is a new light after the storm. I like to consider this light to be one step further from the comfort zone.  

Since receiving my mentor’s advice I’ve challenged myself to a lifelong journey of personal and professional change. I can confidently state that I am, and hope to always be, uncomfortable and changing.  

My mission now, as an educator, is to constantly challenge our students to step outside of their own boundaries and experience many passing rain showers.  

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