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Being an entrepreneur is Scary! Or is it?

By: Aleksandra Kolesnikova, Fellow of Communications
We are coming into our spooky season, and one thing that goes around in the Business field is, what does it take to be an entrepreneur? Is it really something scary to achieve? The simple answer is no. Anyone who has a vision and a mission can be an entrepreneur. For this blog, we will be breaking all the myths about being an entrepreneur and let you know some tips and tricks to start your journey.

Entrepreneurs Are Rich
From watching Shark Week to listening to new and creative entrepreneurs, you automatically think they must be rich to be able to start a business from the ground up, but that is not true! A perfect example of this is Jeff Bezos, who started Amazon in a garage. Most entrepreneurs have truly started from point zero. It did not take money to get to who they are today but having the dream and confidence to push the idea forward. It takes time and practice to keep money coming even when you become an entrepreneur. It is a complex task. Money can help but is never the main reason.

There Is No Business Without A Unique Idea
Unique ideas can set you apart from everyone else, but it is not necessary. Every idea built today comes from an idea that has already been somewhat made, but having a small touch makes a huge difference. An example of this would be Scrub Daddy. There are a ton of sponges out in the world, but Scrub Daddy has become one of the biggest-selling sponges in the world. Due to the material being sturdy and its capability of being used for months, it has been very well known. It’s a basic idea, but making one part of it unique makes a huge difference. A difference can also be a marketing strategy, user experience, and so forth.

You Have To Be Young And Restless To Be An Entrepreneur
Younger people tend to be extra adventurous, with risk always in their minds. Connecting younger people with entrepreneurs would make sense, but that is not always the case, especially for their digital skills. It is known that the government sets policies and helps younger entrepreneurs. But age is not the only thing that can identify who can be an entrepreneur and who cannot be. Various aspects need to be weighed, such as startup finance, outward and inward migration, social and cultural factors, alternative job opportunities or lack thereof, levels of human capital, and access to social security. Yes, a person’s age is most known to start a business is 24 to 44, but you can truly be at any age to start that.

Entrepreneurs Are Born, Not Made
Environment and experience are crucial factors in developing the right skills. Entrepreneurs are mostly never born but taught. Anyone can learn how to do business or become a leader through education and expanding their soft skills. When you put your mind to it, anything is possible. Taking that first step of creating an idea can be scary but never impossible. We can make anything happen if we allow ourselves to take risks and stay creative.

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