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Client Case Study | Echo Caribbean Foundation

Written by Jennifer Weasner ‘23, Project Manager of Marketing & Communications 

Alvernia University’s O’Pake Institute for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Fellows of Marketing, Logan Goldenberg and Joseph Fragale, collaborated to work on a strategic marketing and communications plan for the Echo Caribbean Foundation throughout the Spring semester. The Echo Caribbean Foundation, owned by Jammy Alexis and his mother, is a local Berks County organization that looks to empower immigrants within the community.  

The Fellows team developed a strategic marketing and communications strategy, beginning with a comprehensive SWOT analysis and opportunity assessment. This initial phase allowed Goldenberg and Fragale to familiarize themselves with the client’s existing social media presence and identify areas for improvement. 

As a first-year student at Alvernia University, Goldenberg reflects on the project, saying, “Since Echo Caribbean Foundation was my first client, I learned many foundational lessons. I learned how to present our findings to the client, work with my co-worker on content ideas, and even how to book a conference room!” Goldenberg further explains that while finalizing work for the client feels good, presenting it is where he finds the most enjoyment. “Taking turns with Joseph Fragale in presentations and answering questions as we moved forward was the most eye-opening and engaging experience I have had, not just with O’Pake, but at Alvernia as a whole.” 

Alexis, co-owner of Echo Caribbean Foundation, reflects on his time working with the O’Pake Fellows, describing the experience as transformative. The Fellows gave them “the confidence and tools to effectively communicate our mission.” Alexis shares that the strategic marketing and communications plan has become the foundation’s “social media playbook” that they “will utilize moving forward. We’ll use their content scheduling, engagement tips, and analytics tracking to boost our online presence. Their strategies will help us build a vibrant online community and increase support for our work.” 

When asked to share more about what working with the O’Pake Fellows has taught both him and his mother, Alexis says, “Working with the O’Pake Fellows has been eye-opening. They’ve taught us how to target our audience, craft engaging messages, and use data to drive our marketing. Now, we can better connect with our community and amplify our impact.” 

The project not only provided significant benefits to the Echo Caribbean Foundation but also served as an invaluable learning experience for the Fellows. By applying their academic knowledge to real-world scenarios, they enhanced their professional skills and gained insights into the practical aspects of strategic marketing. This collaboration exemplifies the impactful work done by O’Pake’s creative services team, which offers a wide range of services, including social marketing, to help organizations achieve their goals. 

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