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Empowering Young Minds: Emily Sano’s Inspiring Children’s Book

By Logan Goldenberg, Fellow of Marketing

At Alvernia University’s O’Pake Institute, we are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable achievement of our own, Emily Sano, a Fellow of Digital Media and Business Management. Emily recently unveiled her debut children’s book, a heartwarming tale featuring a charming purple elephant navigating the complexities of decision-making, Millie’s Many Choices.

In her book, Emily crafts a delightful narrative that resonates deeply with children and adults alike. The story follows the adorable purple elephant as it grapples with a tough decision: choosing which toy to buy in a bustling store. Through whimsical illustrations and engaging storytelling, Emily effortlessly conveys a powerful message—that decision-making does not have to be daunting and often leads to positive outcomes, regardless of the choice.

Reflecting on her inspiration for the book, Emily shared, “I had the opportunity last year to illustrate a book for Jerry Moyer called Time to Fly. It was a lot of hard work but a super rewarding process that I really enjoyed doing.” Drawing from this experience, Emily embarked on her creative journey, fueled by the realization that she could channel her passion and talent into her own project.

Emily’s deep love for children’s literature shines through as she explains, “I have always been into reading, even as a child. I still will not let my mom donate my favorite children’s books. So, it was really natural for me to go in that direction.” By creating a children’s book, Emily found a canvas where she could blend her love for storytelling with her passion for captivating illustrations.

However, what sets Emily’s book apart is its focus on the theme of decision-making—a topic close to her heart. “I have always struggled with decision-making my entire life. I think it’s something that can be misunderstood, especially in children,” Emily shared. Through her narrative, she hopes to shed light on the challenges of decision-making, particularly for young minds, and offer reassurance that every choice, no matter how small, is valid and ultimately leads to growth.

At Alvernia University’s O’Pake Institute, we are immensely proud to support Emily in her creative endeavors. Her book serves as a testament to the talent and dedication of our fellows, showcasing their ability to inspire and empower through storytelling.

As parents and educators, we are presented with a valuable opportunity to engage with children in decision-making, fostering understanding and empathy. Emily’s book provides a valuable resource for families and classrooms, encouraging open dialogue and promoting resilience in the face of uncertainty.

In closing, Emily’s journey from illustrator to author exemplifies the spirit of creativity and determination that defines Alvernia University’s O’Pake Institute. We eagerly anticipate the impact of her book, confident that it will spark joy and instill confidence in young readers everywhere.

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