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The Fellows Program

As O’Pake continues to grow, there are many positions available on our team. One of the positions currently hiring undergraduates is the newly formed Fellows Program.

What is a Fellow?

The O’Pake Fellows Program provides elite undergraduate and graduate students with hands-on distinctive experiential learning opportunities. Students of high academic standing, from diverse majors and backgrounds, can work directly with regional entrepreneurs, small business owners, faculty researchers and industry leaders.

While fellows can grow both personally and professionally, they are also put in an environment where they can think outside the box, experiment, fail, grow and succeed. By creating this type of environment, students can transition into their desired professions while being creative and ethical leaders.

Program Mission

The program’s mission is to be the premier student powered organization at Alvernia University and through distinctive hands-on experiential learning and to be a catalyst for entrepreneurship and positive economic change in Reading and Berks County. Simultaneously, the program will provide long term enhancement of Alvernia University’s academic reputation, student experience and resources.

Fellows 15-20 hours a week, with majors consisting of:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Science

In collaboration with the Berks Community Foundation, the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance, and other partners, Chief Operating Officer of the O’Pake Institute – Dr. Ridley will lead efforts to develop a student-centered business incubator, which will provide training and support new and startup companies.

For More Information:

Michelle Conway
Director of Student & Client Services, O’Pake Institute for Economic Development & Entrepreneurship