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Financial Services & Partnerships

Through O’Pake Institute’s unique relationships and partnerships, O’Pake offers financial services to support business and foster professional growth. The services offered are suitable for any local business looking for financial support, advice and resources. O’Pake leverages staff and partners to ensure financial security for clients making business advancement.

Client Services in addition to the Spark Business Incubator services: 

  • Unique Business Curriculum (Due Diligence)
  • Microgrant & Microlending
  • Economic Development Relationships with Venture Capitalists
  • Preparation for loans and grants

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Financial Lending & Innovation Collaborative (FLIC)

FLIC assists the O’Pake Institute in helping community entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing access to funding during the early stages of the business. These funds will be provided by participating financial institutions, foundations, philanthropic donors, and community organzations  to assist early-stage entrepreneurs in obtaining funds.

The Process

  • Early-stage funding candidates enter The O’Pake Insitute’s Spark business incubator client services intake process, which includes a feasibility analysis and needs assessment to determine funding eligibility. Established businesses can also apply for funding if a specific need is identified.
  • Funding can be used for business needs such as equipment, research and development, leasing of workspace, and professional service fees. Funded businesses are also required to match funding dollars or match goods and services to the community.

Alvernia students in the Fellows Program gain experiential learning through FLIC and their participation in the O’Pake Finance Committee. The committee works with FLIC to produce financial statements, foster financial literacy and develop business plans for entrepreneurs while preparing them to become clients at The Spark business incubator to gain extended entrepreneurial resources.

Interested in Applying for Funding? Contact Lizette Epps, Director of FLIC, at opakefinancialservices@alvernia.edu

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