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Highlighting the Faces of Your Organization

By: McKenzy Lilliock, graduate assistant of human resources

If you are proud of the work your colleagues or employees have been completing but are struggling with ways to show it, we compiled a list of ways to show your appreciation and demonstrate the great work that comes from your organization. 

The employees of a company are the face of an organization. Employees are applying countless hours, maybe even years, behind the scenes making the company what it is. Employees are providing a significant commitment of time. Thus, providing them with an employee spotlight can provide them with recognition for their commitment.  

It is also a critical employer branding strategy. Outside candidates tend to search for real experiences and information regarding what it is like to work for a particular organization, especially when it comes to aspects such as organizational culture. Employee spotlights foster that insight. 

When highlighting your employees, it is essential to note their name, role at the company, a photo of them, and even a direct quote when applicable. Whether you choose to capture them in a video or an article, you can ask them questions about the company’s culture, their professional growth, passion projects, something unique about the company, or even a success story.  

You can also take this approach with new hires and spotlight the journey of how they found their new job and what made them pick this company. Furthermore, you can feature the story of a veteran employee and encourage the audience to follow them along through their journey with the organization.  

Whichever route you choose, try to capture a genuine response that includes a representation of the employee’s personality and/or the organizational culture. This can be done by recording them in a place that they are most comfortable, asking pointed, but open-ended questions, and taking steps to build rapport with the interviewee.  

This approach can be used for both video, audio, and written testimonials and all of which will highlight the faces of your organization. When you have adequately captured these timeless moments of the employees in their element, it is time to promote them on your channels.  

This can be done by incorporating short quotes in social media captions, full blogs or case studies for a more expanded employee experience, and even a recorded interview that can be longer form or edited down into smaller clips whether it is video or audio. No matter which medium the spotlight is captured in, it can be used on various platforms in various ways to showcase your employees. It is now time to put these practices into action to both recognize your employees’ hard work and showcase it to a broader audience.  

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