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The Holleran Center

The Holleran Center for Community and Global Engagement was established in 2006 by Dr. Thomas Flynn, who had a vision of Alvernia’s future and how the students’ coursework and co-curriculum should embrace and reflect the mission and values of the University.

In 2008, Alvernia received a generous gift from T. Jerome and Carolyn Holleran, a local Berks County couple with a passion for community service and a personal record of meaningful community engagement. The Hollerans’ gift of $3 million includes working capital to enhance the work of the Center in the Reading community as well as provisions to permanently endow it.

The Holleran Center Logo

The Holleran Mission

Rooted in the Franciscan identity of Alvernia University and its mission as a teaching and learning institution, the Holleran Center for Community and Global Engagement identifies, cultivates and sustains strategic partnerships to strengthen both campus and community life. By making these community partnerships an essential part of the curriculum, the Holleran Center strives to foster the University mission and improve the quality of life in our community and to develop in its students a lifelong commitment to service as engaged citizens.

The Holleran Vision

To integrate Alvernia’s curriculum and co-curricular activities with the external community the Holleran Center will:

  • Initiate strategic partnerships that enhance Alvernia’s mission, leverage campus and community expertise, address community needs and produce mutually beneficial results;
  • Serve as the central resource for students, faculty, and staff to engage in community based projects and as a catalyst for expanding community based learning of all types, including internships, field experiences, and service-learning projects;
  • Serve as the central point of access for the community to campus resources and serve as an incubator for projects to address community needs;
  • Establish Alvernia University as a leader in community based learning and civic engagement – locally, regionally and eventually nationally
Holleran Center
Holleran Center