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Leveraging Tik Tok from an internal and external perspective

By Max Horn, sports management and marketing Fellow

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a space for companies to use social media to its fullest to grow sales and highlight the products and services they have to offer. While companies are still taking advantage of omnichannel digital marketing via channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, many have now turned to Tik Tok as well.  

 Tik Tok provides a new experience which catches people’s eye in a split second which ultimately keeps them scrolling on the app. Due to this, Alvernia University has even incorporated Tik Tok into their brand marketing strategies.  

“When evaluating new social media platforms, brands have to dig into the subculture that is being created in that space. Tik Tok is a platform that allows its users to share trends, life experiences and sometimes just fun and goofy content with creative new video-based tools that other platforms had not previously offered before,” said Kris Nolt, director of communications and marketing at Alvernia.  

Nolt mentioned that he and his team first looked at Tik Tok because they understood their users aligned with one of their main target demographics which is traditional undergraduate students. Their team wanted to figure out which pieces of their messaging would make sense on the platform and how they could add value to the Tik Tok community. Nolt realized the best way to debut on this platform would be to allow current students to share their Alvernia experiences in ways they had not been able to do before.  

“From campus activities and student dining to dance moves with the golden wolves, we wanted to share what our on-campus experience was like. We ended up helping promote the fun things available to our current students, but also giving prospective students a relaxed, informal inside look at the life of an Alvernia student,” said Nolt. 

While Alvernia just started using the platform and are still learning how to leverage it, they have already seen the benefits of the platform and the students have enjoyed highlighting their experiences in this way.  

In addition to social media platforms, omnichannel digital marketing includes mobile advertising, e-commerce websites, and offline channels like print-based advertisements, mails, storefront, billboards, and physical interaction. Despite the wide variety of marketing tools, the use of content is still integral to social media engagement.  

Researchers estimate that people spend over 7 hours per day interacting with media and content and in a few diverse ways in which people consume content. This is one of the main reasons that content-focused apps like Tik Tok have taken off, where creators upload short 15-60 second videos. They are short and keep their attention. With that, O’Pake also promotes the use of Tik Tok with external clients to help them expand their presence.  

“We like to expose our clients to Tik Tok because the content is so captivating. Tik Tok has been so successful that platforms like Instagram and Facebook and integrating more features to keep up and consuming video content has become the new norm,” said Ashley Abbey, graduate assistant of student and client services. 

Features like Instagram Reels, Facebook & Instagram Live, IGTV, expansion of stories to other platforms like Twitter & LinkedIn, etc. Are example of this expansion. These features and other content-based apps have given businesses and independent entrepreneurs the opportunity to highlight their products, services, and overall brand in an innovative way. 

“The evolution of social media marketing has created a much higher demand for engaging video content. While this content can be expensive to develop and maintain, it is also proven to be very influential and drive meaningful results. If the video and social media content can be tied back to the organization’s mission and strategic direction, it can be a valuable addition to the marketing mix,” Nolt stated.  

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