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Navigating Advertising Week in a City That Never Sleeps

By: Jennifer Weasner Graduate Assistant of Marketing

New York City is often referred to as the city that never sleeps, but from October 16th through October 19th, it was also the home to those in the marketing industry from all around the world. A group of O’Pake graduate assistants and fellows had the opportunity to travel to New York to attend the Advertising Week New York conference.

Setting the Stage

Advertising Week in New York City is an event that brings together industry leaders, aspiring professionals, and emerging talents. The conference offered diverse groups of panelists, speakers, and networking opportunities that serve to inspire creativity and stimulate innovative thinking. Fellow of Communications Yesenia Maldonado says, “Leading up to the conference, I was most excited to be able to gain insight from so many different industry professionals, especially those a part of brands and organizations I already know and love!”

Embracing AI in the Industry

AI can be a complex subject for most in the marketing industry as many fear that it will one day completely take over the industry and potentially eliminate many marketing roles. While a controversial subject, AI is certainly not a replacement for human thought and creativity but rather a great tool that individuals can use to create a starting point for many tasks. Many industries (O’Pake included) have already adopted this tool, and it has allowed marketers the ability to transform their work. Maldonado says, “I was very surprised to hear from so many sessions the emphasis on and the ever-growing presence of AI in the business and marketing space. It’s definitely an aspect of technology that I’ve become inspired to learn more about and see how it can aid in my creativity at O’Pake.”

11:11 Media, Shark Tank, and Starbucks

Paris Hilton is an icon of both pop culture and entrepreneurship, and she shared valuable insights from her experience creating fragrances, making music, and other product lines. Her innovative approach to media engagement and continuous involvement in the industry serves as an inspiration to others. Paris Hilton stated that she wanted to create 11:11 Media because she wanted to be “able to have them all under one company because I am just doing so many different types of projects and then also able to collaborate with other brands and other creators and create this whole business where anyone can come in and work with me and insert themselves into pop culture.”

The fellows also had the incredible opportunity to gain insights and learn from the sharks of Shark Tank. Fellow of Marketing & Management Marisol Martinez-Alvarez “The most exciting part of hearing from the Shark Tank panel was learning and gaining insight from the Sharks regarding entrepreneurship, small businesses, technological trends, and overall professional growth topics. Such topics will help me connect and expand my work as an O’Pake fellow in several areas regarding management and marketing, like continuing to get out of my comfort zone to deliver brand ideas and campaigns while being open to learning and adapting to uprising technological trends such as AI.” These seasoned investors and entrepreneurs shared their wisdom on spotting trends, assessing market viability, and the critical elements that make a pitch stand out.

Another standout moment from the conference was having the opportunity to hear from Starbucks’ CMO, Kyndra Russel, who said, “We are in the people business serving coffee” during her talk. Russel explained that it is apparent through Starbucks’ social media pages and the moment you walk into a store and how each drink is 100% customizable. Alvernia University is fortunate to have a Starbucks located in Collegetowne. The staff and students certainly can appreciate this and see this mission in action. As Alvernia is a mission-driven university, most of us are familiar with this concept as we often celebrate through starting events, meetings, and even classes with a mission moment.

To Wrap up Advertising Week

Advertising Week in New York City was truly an unforgettable experience for O’Pake Graduate Assistants and Fellows. The group of students had the opportunity to learn from professionals in the industry and became inspired by their success. Of course, 11:11 Media, Shark Tank, and Starbucks barely scratch the surface of the incredible knowledge that was instilled in the group.

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