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New Year, New You!

By: Aleksandra Kolesnikova, Fellow of Communications
With every new year, people from all around the world start making resolutions, goals, and intentions to become a better version of themselves. As entrepreneurs, sometimes it is hard to balance work and leisure. I wanted to write this blog and remind all our amazing entrepreneurs out there that you also need rest and a few tips for wellness habits that can be integrated into your life for a better and healthier you.

Why is self-care important in the first place? Self-care is not a selfish act but an investment in productivity. If you set a healthy routine for yourself, you will find yourself having more things to do in your day and overall feeling better to do more throughout the entire day. Starting your day off with a good morning routine. Waking up early is always good for your mind and well-being, including some type of exercise and a healthy meal can make an enormous difference. Below are more tips on what you can do to have a better balance of work and lifestyle.

Set Boundaries: Define clear boundaries between work and personal life. Schedule “me time” just like you would any other appointment and stick to it. For example, if you work a 9-5 job, make sure that before and after the time you do not check your phone for emails or messages. Be able to say no if go over your work times, prioritize yourself and your boundaries.

Prioritize Sleep: Sleep is non-negotiable. Ensure you get enough rest, as it directly impacts your cognitive function and decision-making. Having about 7-8 hours of sleep everyday can have a positive impact on how you work and have energy throughout the day. If you are a night owl and have a tough time going to bed early, invest in some magnesium pills and a hot shower to relax all your muscles and try to stay away from your phone an hour before bed to have a better sleep.

Exercise Regularly: Incorporate physical activity into your routine. It does not have to be a grueling gym session; a brisk walk or a quick home workout can do wonders. If you are willing to wake up early for a workout, make sure it’s low impact such as yoga, pilates or a walk to not push your body but wake it up. Night workouts also work for people who do not have time in the day, at those times you can do strength training, and running. Anything that you can put your energy into small movements can do wonders.

Mindful Breaks: Take short breaks throughout the day to clear your mind. Even a few minutes of deep breathing can help you refocus.

Seek Support: Do not hesitate to seek support from mentors, peers, or professionals. Talking about your challenges can provide valuable perspective. Therapy has always and will always be an immense help to people who need mental support and to get their deepest thoughts out in the world instead of keeping them inside. Do not try to do everything yourself. Delegate tasks that others can handle and automate routine processes wherever possible. It is okay to ask a friend or a co-worker for help when needed.

Let us start the new year with a new and healthy lifestyle!

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