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Dustin Brown

Biology and Pre-Law Fellow

Major: Biology 

Minor: Pre-Law 

Graduation Year: 2021

Hometown: Reading, PA

Personality Type: Executive, ESTJ-T

What is your favorite part about working with O’Pake?

My favorite part about working with O’Pake is the opportunity to work alongside entrepreneurs, helping them grow their companies, while learning the many nuances of the business world. 

What are your goals in the future?

My goal for the future is to move to Texas following graduation and begin working in the biotech industry. After a couple years, I plan to attend law school with a focus in patent law. I would like to then use my degrees to work in the biotech field as a patent attorney. 

How will O’Pake help you reach these goals?

O’Pake helps me reach these goals by providing me real-world work experience in the biology and patent law fields. 

What is your favorite memory at Alvernia?

My favorite memory at Alvernia was when the football team won their inaugural game against Gallaudet University with a few seconds left on the clock.

What made you decide to study at Alvernia?

I chose Alvernia because I desired a quality education and wanted to be within a close driving distance of family and friends. 

Who or what inspires you and why?

My mother Janice Brown inspires me daily. She had gone through a lot to make me the person I am today. For that reason, I call to mind her work ethic and dedication in everything I do. 

What is a quote that you abide by?

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; If you can dream it, you can become it.” – William Arthur Ward 

What is something that someone would be surprised to learn about you?

For a brief period of my life, I lived just outside of Houston, Texas.