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Matthew Mitchell

Communications Intern

Major: Communications

Graduation Year: 2022

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Personality Type: Lion 

What is your favorite part about working with O’Pake?

My favorite part is the networking opportunities available to me to learn and grow personally and professionally.

What are your goals in the future?

I am working towards being a sports journalist and/or sports talk host, so my goal would be to work for ESPN one day. 

How will O’Pake help you reach these goals?

O’Pake can help me reach my goal by giving me professional experience on a number of different levels; we have the chance to work with many clients in different fields, so having the opportunity to connect with many different people and understanding the professional aspect of things will be a huge benefit for me. 

What is your favorite memory at Alvernia?

My favorite Alvernia memory is being a part of the first Alvernia football team and being on the field for the first win in school history. 

What made you decide to study at Alvernia?

When I was searching for my future school, Alvernia reached out to me to join their new football program. Alvernia had already been a part of my life previously when I did a mission trip here in 2016, so it felt like a great opportunity to come back to the community. I was also very excited to have the chance to work in smaller classes where I could interact with the class and the professor. Being able to work directly with professors and get the help necessary for each individual person was a learning environment that I wanted to be a part of, and it has benefited me greatly over my 4 years here. 

Who or what inspires you and why?

I have many people who inspire me, but my family and my roommates here at Alvernia all inspire me to be better. My Mom, Dad, and brother are such caring, kind, selfless, and hardworking people, and they have set the example for the kind of person I wish to be. Seeing the way, they carry themselves every day inspires me to be a better, harder working person. My roommates also inspire me greatly; they are all very hard-working people and keep me motivated to stay on track myself. We hold each other accountable for the work we need to do, and we work together to get it done. I will always appreciate them for keeping me motivated and on task. 

What is a quote that you abide by?

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard” – Kevin Durant 

What is something that someone would be surprised to learn about you?

I like to think I’m a good singer so I love to sing!