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Max Horn

Graduate Assistant of Student Services

Major: MA Business Administration

BA in Sport Management, BA in Marketing

Minor: Communications

Graduation Year: 2023

Hometown: Hicksville, NY

Personality Type: ESFJ-A

What is your favorite part about working with O’Pake?

My favorite part of working for O’Pake is learning new things every day and growing personally and professionally. I love the atmosphere and the people that I get to go into work every day and speak with and be around. 

What are your goals in the future?

My future goals are to work in higher education and to pursue a coaching position as a goaltending ice hockey coach. Also, to graduate with my MBA and want to continue to grow both academically and professionally.

How will O’Pake help you reach these goals?

The O’Pake Institute has helped me reach these goals by being able to work with different clients in the field of marketing, social media, and sports. I have gathered skills that I have either grown at or new skills that will help me in the marketing industry. 

What is your favorite memory at Alvernia?

My favorite memory at Alvernia would be having the opportunity to meet so many different and amazing people. My time at Alvernia I have been able to be a part of many different clubs, leaderships opportunities, work-studies, sports teams, and service projects. All these different activities have provided me the opportunity to meet people, learn, and grow as a person and give me lifelong friendships that I will never forget. 

What made you decide to study at Alvernia?

I decided to study at Alvernia because I was able to grow athletically as well as academically. I have been able to study the things that I love which is sports and being able to showcase them in different ways. Between leadership positions and O’Pake, I have been able to do that, which is something that I wanted in a university that I was going to attend for a couple years. 

Who or what inspires you and why?

The people in my life inspire me the most, whether its my parents, sister, friends, family, teammates, or people that I work with. Seeing people achieve their goals and see their drive to be successful and overcome obstacles that stand in front of them make me want to go out and do more and be better than the person I was the day before. 

What is a quote that you abide by?

A quote that I abide by every day is “Dream Big or Go Home”, this quote explains it all. If you have a goal or a dream that you want, go out and get it. Don’t let someone stop you from getting that goal or dream you have in life. You are your control of your goals or dreams, not others, so not letting people tell you to go home and not process that dream is what it is all about. 

What is something that someone would be surprised to learn about you?

Something someone would be surprised to learn about me is that I used to be very shy. When I came to Alvernia, I was very shy, not involved in much of anything: but from support of staff and friends I overcame being a quiet kid that didn’t really know what he wanted to do after school to being very involved in a lot of different things like clubs, sports teams, work studies, and more. Alvernia has given me the opportunity to grow and build myself into the person I am today.