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Prioritizing a strong online video marketing presence

By: Wyatt Hessler, communications and marketing fellow.

 In the last five years, the number of businesses using video marketing has increased by 41%. Even though video is an established medium, how and where creators and social media platforms display it has evolved.  

Companies now opt for personalized videos on their websites, to drive traffic, and social media to increase engagement. According to a report from Cisco, a networking software solutions company, online video consumption is expected to make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by the end of 2021.  

“Video is a medium that can be delivered that lives indefinitely. Once it is created, the ability to be searched and viewed makes it a piece of marketing that provides exceptional short- and long-term positioning,” said Dr. Scott Ballantyne, professor at Alvernia University and YouTube content creator. 

Video displays emotions and personality in a more life-like way to the audience compared to other marketing tools. At times, businesses can be viewed as a rigid, robotic entity online and video allows them to leverage authenticity in their content and fosters a relationship with their audience.  

The audience reacts positively to content that they relate to and perceive as real, which can garner trust and facilitate brand loyalty. At O’Pake, the external communications committee uses videos to showcase the team’s personalities, establish values, reinforce our mission and present the audience with significant information as well as encourage clients to do the same. 

Additionally, it is common for the audience to be skeptical of products or services that they discover on the internet due to fear of fraud. A well-produced video can be the key to getting through and establishing that level of trust. According to Wyzowl’s yearly video marketing report, 84% of consumers say they have been convinced to purchase a product or service after watching a video. 

In the same Wyzowl study referenced earlier, 69% of people prefer video when being educated about a product. Video is an effective tool to grab people’s attention and supply information in a convenient manner. Video has prevailed in engaging consumers so much so that consumers retain about 85% more information from video than text-heavy content. 

The human brain is naturally able to interpret visuals faster than text and thus, humans are psychologically more engaged by complex visuals. In a similar vein, in 2014 Scott Macfarland of Huffington Post noted the shift to digital video marketing in his article “If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?”  

Finally, as search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to achieving traffic to your website, studies have shown that websites that include videos are 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google. The algorithms of search engines like Google tend to prefer pages that have a mix of media, including video.  

Furthermore, videos tend to keep people on your site longer. The average time a user spends on your webpage is referred to as the bounce rate. The better your bounce rate is, the higher the likelihood that search engines will promote it. Lastly, videos are more likely to be linked to and shared. The more backlinks a video has, the more authoritative a website appears which also supports SEO. Platforms like YouTube can allow you to seamlessly embed your content on your web page, while also benefiting from the YouTube algorithm. 

“With the ability to embed videos on other social media platforms, YouTube becomes a powerful tool that can be used in conjunction with other social media platforms,” said Ballantyne. 

In conclusion, a well-made video is a key component when looking at all aspects of marketing, from attracting attention to increasing buying intent. The O’Pake Institute can help you develop your own video portfolio and help increase your brand awareness. If you are interested in becoming a client, reach out to us here to complete a form to see how we can best service you. 

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