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Professional Mentor Program

The Mentor Network is a key element in enhancing our student and client experiences. The O’Pake Fellows are linked with professional mentors to promote personal and professional development. Clients are then able to receive discounted or pro bono services from those professional service providers and industry experts.

The level of commitment for an O’Pake Mentor varies based on services offered. O’Pake representatives will work with mentors to formalize the details of each relationship agreement. The O’Pake Institute is looking for professional mentors with experience in higher education, economic development, marketing, engineering, finance, technology transfer, business law and leadership. Mentors in any field are welcome to contact Don Schalk to discuss how they can get involved.

Types of Mentors

Executive Mentor
An executive mentor is a highly involved professional who frequently provides guidance to Fellows and pro bono services to clients.

Personal Mentor
A personal mentor partners with a specific Fellow to encourage personal and professional growth and student transition to professional careers.

Active Mentor
An active mentor is an executive mentor or a personal mentor, who is currently mentoring a Fellow or working with a client.

Mentor in Reserve
A Mentor in Reserve is an executive mentor or personal mentor, who advocates for O’Pake in the community but is not actively working with O’Pake Fellows or clients.

“Being a mentor is a very rewarding experience that allows you to give back and share your knowledge and experience with the next generation.”

Donald Schalk
Director of Business and Corporate Development
Donald Schalk

Current Mentors

  • Kyle Levengood
  • Kevin St. Cyr
  • Peter Rye
  • Paula Barrett
  • Karen Marsdale
  • Lanette Miller
  • Don Webster
  • Dana Schmidt
  • Chris Nigon
  • Aaron Gantz
  • Andy Andrews
  • Paul Cohn
  • Alex Bollinger
  • Kate Huck
  • Chuck Holder
  • Ellen Huyett
  • Wendy Kerschner
  • Rachael Romig
  • Cass Bailey

Share Your Passion & Become a Mentor Today

    All mentors are required to sign confidentiality agreements that protect all non-public information regarding the university, client information and student information. Confidentiality agreements continue through the course of involvement with O’Pake and cover any particular item of information.